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Albeda is a large comprehensive school for intermediate vocational education (“MBO”) and adult education in Rotterdam. Here, approximately 20,000 students follow an education under the supervision of approximately 2,000 employees. Albeda College offers its students over 350 educations and qualification possibilities on 40 locations. Albeda organised their education in 13 colleges. Albeda delivers vocational education in the area of Healthcare, Welfare, Service Provisioning, Food, Technology and Economics. Albeda cooperates in various manners with various partners and in many areas. The objective of this cooperation is to improve the connection between the various types of education within a learning programme, but also to optimise the connection between education, government and the business community. Moreover, special programmes are developed to make education accessible to everybody. Albeda included internationalisation in the strategic policy plan as well as in the educational vision. Through various international activities Albeda prepares students and employees for the international and multicultural society. Thus it cooperates in a large network of partner institutions within and outside of Europe.