Project Partners have joined the 4th Transnational Meeting of the DitraVET project that took place in Tampere, Finland. They had an overview of the ongoing activities of the project and have set the next milestones.

The IO1 has been completed and uploaded on the website. The aim of this intellectual output was to fully understand the gaps in VET and WBL related to digitalization and blended learning. The needs of the three main target groups have been taken into account (Families, Trainers and Directors-Managers) to later deliver a 360 degree review of curriculum in digital transformation for the VET providers. Moreover, to feed that curriculum, a self-assessment of digital readiness of the VET and WBL schools has been done using the European Commission tool SELFIE (Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering the use of Innovative Educational Technologies).

Partner are now in progress for the finalisation of the first parts of Intellectual Outputs 2: an online educational kits for teachers, students and school directors aiming to provide an answer to the gaps identified during the analysis stage of IO1 that afterwards will be tested. The meeting has been also a good chance to take a walk into TREDU facilities and see the huge work they do in Vocational Educational Training with a lot of augmented reality labs. The last day has been reserved for a local multiplier events to present the results of the first part of the project to interested stakeholders.

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