The Intellectual Output 1 of DiTRAVET has been completed. The project aims to fill the gap emerged during the pandemic in terms of lack of tools for remote and blended learning and to this purpose it aims to:

  • Support teachers to provide students with the necessary tools and skills to undertake a remote learning.
  • Train teachers about tools that support the digitalization of schools in the field of VET, including tools for creating online resources and performing blended Learning.
  • Work with VET leaders and teachers in order to allow them to reinvent teaching.
  • Develop guidelines and update teaching and learning strategies at national and regional level.

The purpose of the 1st Intellectual Output was to fully understand the gaps in VET and WBL related to digitalization and blended learning, including the needs of the main target groups (family, trainers and director-managers) to deliver a 360 degree review of curriculum in digital transformation for the VET providers.

These are the results produced:

  • A desk research concerning good practices in teaching during the covid pandemic
  • A SELFIE assessment of some targeted shools in the partner countries
  • A Focus group with VET teachers, managers, family and students to understand their needs in terms of blended learning
  • A Curriculum for digital transformation and inclusion of VET schools and Work-based learning.

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